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About Me

My story is like many. I picked up a camera at a young and never set it down. I have always been fascinated with how I can fill the frame. I took my passion and drive to the next level, graduating with my bachelors of fine arts from Northern Illinois University in 2006. From there I went on to start my business, Fox Valley Media Arts. I have photographed the gamut, from weddings, families, portraits, sports, products, events, and architecture.

It was architecture photography where I truly fell in love with my craft. I’ve always been fascinated with how buildings and homes are put together. From how the space functions and flows, to the choice of materials and textures utilized to make the space stand out. Capturing aesthetic shape and form is essential. It is though my work as an architectural photographer that I am able to exponentially enhance the visual desirability and marketing power of a real estate listing. 


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Hampshire, IL

Tel: 847-323-4077

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